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SeaPort-e Capabilities

ValityX offers SeaPort-e cost effective solution  with mission activities experience

  • Ability and Infrastructure to Manage the Requirements
  • Quality Assurance Plan to Ensure Quality Product/Service Delivery
  • Highly Qualified Personnel
  • Competitive Prices
  • ValityX offers Best Value Options
  • We have a stable, well-trained workforce operationally attuned to your mission and proven management processes based on best practices
  • These benefits translate into improved efficiency and enhanced customer service


Our business lines include:

  • Health data analytics
  • IT strategy, architecture, programming and design
  • Clinical and Financial Analytics
  • Strategic Consulting Practice
  • Business Development & Proposal Support
  • Data Management
  • Business & Change Management


Health Data Feasibility Analytics

The ValityX team specializes in big data and specifically health data analytics.  We have a three-phase engagement approach to our feasibility studies that includes a readiness assessment, initial design and an implementation plan.


IT strategy, architecture, programming and design

ValityX brings a focus on actionable IT strategy with a viewpoint beyond IT, focusing on mission in its entirety because IT impacts every part of the organization.  The strategy must support the organization’s business plan, its long-term goals, and its vision for the future. A technology and architecture plan is then developed that leverages technology in the most effective and efficient way in order to meet these goals and objectives. The architecture plan leads to specific projects and ValityX provides supporting IT design and programming services to implement specific IT applications. ValityX views the strategic and architecture plans as continuously evolving as business and IT change, and supports continuous update of these plans and the related IT development and operations efforts.


Clinical and Financial Analytics

The ValityX team brings expertise in both the clinical and financial sides of health data analytics.  We are thought leaders in the area of value driven healthcare.  Our consultants understand problems of healthcare quality and patient outcomes; we also understand healthcare finances ranging from activity based costing to revenue cycle management.


Strategic Consulting Practice

The ValityX team brings our years of C-suite level management consulting to our strategic planning services.  Our support includes market research, meeting facilitation, strategic planning consulting, business case development, execution management, and training.


Business Development & Proposal Support

The ValityX leadership team has captured and won government contracts with cumulative contract value in excess of $600 Million.  We follow a rigorous proposal methodology that is client focused and allows technical teams to effectively leverage their specific winning value proposition throughout the proposal.


Data Management

The ValityX team has experience with data management including data quality, data standards and data governance.  We also understand the importance of making sure that your data program and infrastructure are properly matched.


Business & Change Management

The ValityX team knows that a critical component of implementing data-driven performance management also requires effective business change.  From our experience we know that change must be realistic, achievable and measurable.   Our approach includes the management of personnel as well as organizational change.


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