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Functional Area 3.5 – System Design Documentation and Technical Data Support

In our work with US Pharmacopeia Convention we have conducted an “as-is” and “to-be” analysis of their technical IT system supporting their Medicare Model Guideline program.  We initially reviewed the technical engineering reports and system design documents for their current IT system architecture.  Then we documented the “as is” and potential “to-be” processes, making the business case for a system redesign to support their next generation business plan.


The USP architecture is planned to migrate from an Access-based product pilot to a cloud-based data brokerage model leveraging Salesforce and Oracle.  This new technical architecture will support information products that will be used simultaneously by multiple customers and data and applications that will be downloaded and updated regularly.


For AccentCare, we prepared documentation and supported transition to a new Hadoop based general ledger system that enabled them to perform real-time analytics directly on their accounting system, rather than exporting their financial data to a special purpose data warehouse. Using the general ledger system for real-time analytics is a new concept that is currently being used in only a small number of commercial applications. The use of this technique for enabling dynamic pricing and real-time cost control will likely increase significantly as it is more widely implemented. This technique can have significant uses for the Navy in the financial / acquisition accounting area and will likely play a part in future systems development projects.


Functional Area 3.20 - Program Support

Under contracts for both AccentCare and US Pharmacopeia Convention, the ValityX team has provided business, financial and technical program support services. These services have included program and project management, business case development, financial modeling, activity based costing analysis, cost reduction opportunity assessment, staffing level of effort calculations, all to ensure acquisition programs are being properly and efficiently executed.


All business projects require change.  We bring change management approaches that overcome the challenges and risks associated with business and information technology and transformation projects and help ensure success.  Our team brings a practical understanding of how to integrate data and applications on a technology infrastructure to make projects work in client environments.


The ValityX team focuses on using domain experts, data scientists, IT specialists, and financial experts to drive a value-centric approach to our solutions.  We bring a laser-like focus to increasing business value. Through strategic planning, business analysis, and data analytics, we work with clients to achieve market-focused product portfolios, cost reduction, and more efficient, higher quality business processes.


We apply several specific cost savings methodologies in our work including activity-based costing analysis to identify the true cost of specific services on a per unit basis. We have conducted analysis to support the development of dynamic pricing based on real-time costing analysis.  Both of these projects leveraged sophisticated financial analytical applications that required a tight coupling between finance, domain and analytical experts to implement.


ValityX uses a three-phase approach to providing sound program management and process improvement activities.


Readiness assessment

• Identify initial value-add data sources from current client data assets (AS IS view)

• Select architectural quality attributes for data solutions

• Select the data assets for candidate use cases (these will become the use cases for the Initial Design phase)


Initial Design

• Identify initial use-cases from current commercial best-practices

• Review use-cases as semantic models with summary cost benefit analysis

• Develop TO BE view


Implementation Plan

• Provide a use case summary

• Develop and leverage a financial business case

• Identify the new business performance level that can be obtained as a result of implementing the project

• Provide an architectural summary of what needs to be done to pilot an initial big data (data analytics) solution

• Develop an approach to rolling out the initiative across the client organization

• Use an operations plan to drive continuous improvement and sustain the use case


We have the experience of applying this approach to program management improvement across multiple engagements.  We tailor our approach to the engagement according to the needs of each client. The key success factors include:


• Communicating business value as defined by a comprehensive business case, to level-set organization-wide understanding and expectations

• Using business cases to define success, bound risk, and measure results

• Uniquely bringing together experts in data analytics, finance and domain operations to work with our highly technical data scientists

• Using effective organizational change management processes to ease project implementations and enable success

• Focusing on linking technical, financial and operational data together to create new sources of value and enable data-driven decision making

• Using data to measure, validate and improve performance for services


Functional Area 3.21 – Functional and Administrative Support


3.21.1 – Clerical and Administrative Support

Under contracts for both AccentCare and US Pharmacopeia Convention, the ValityX team provided clerical and administrative support for our engagements. This has included office operation support, human capital assessment, taking meeting minutes and meeting / conference planning and project management. ValityX has sound project management processes in place for managing government property and we have the experience following these processes with our current clients. Our staff has experience with personal property management functions as our staff is assigned corporate laptops for use in their secure computing network/environment. Our staff follows all inventory tracking, security protocols, and logging measures defined by our client’s property management function. We are able to provide flexible administrative support services enabling our clients to save money by paying for just the resources used, leveraging our flexible time & materials approach to staffing and billing.


3.21.2  – Analytical and Organizational Assessment Support Functions

ValityX has applied analytics in the areas of organizational assessment support functions, human capital strategy processes, and recommended corresponding organizational process improvement efforts.  ValityX was founded as a data analytics firm focused on using data to build business insight and value. We work with organizations that desire to enhance their product portfolio, profitability, and efficiency. ValityX has expertise in business processes and information technology, with a focus on integrating domain and financial management.


For example, we conducted a detailed personnel time and attendance study for AccentCare, as the organization was facing significant costs associated with manually entering time and attendance data, even though they had an electronic system in place.  We reviewed all process steps for both manual and electronic time submissions.  We used this data to complete an activity based costing study to show that significant resources where being spent fixing improperly submitted timesheets.  We recommended an incentive program to reward employees for using and correctly submitting their timesheets electronically.  This resulted in significant improvement in time capture efficiency and an improvement in revenue collection.


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