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March 2018 - Join ValityX to attend HIMSS18 Conference and Exhibition between March 5-9, 2018 in Las Vegas, NV | Venetian -Palazzo-Sands Expo Center


February 2017 - ValityX attends HIMSS17 in Orlando, FL


December 2016 - ValityX receives GSA IT-70 Health IT SIN Contract Award


September 2016 - ValityX receives GSA IT-70 Contract Award


June 2016 - ValityX receives Navy SeaPort-E Contract Award


March 2016 - ValityX receives HUBZone certification from the SBA.


March 2016 - ValityX team attending PhUSE Computational Science meeting in Silver Spring, MD


March 2016 - Join ValityX CEO at HIMSS16 in Las Vegas, Nevada.


22 July 2015 - ValityX CEO quoted in DCInno on Could Data Analytics Startups Have Prevented the OPM Breach?


8-11 December 2014 - ValityX CEO Roger Foster attended the VA Small Business Conference in Atlanta


3 September 2014 - ValityX CEO Roger Foster and Audie Hittle Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Federal Market at EMC Isilon publish commentary in Government HealthIT Commentary: The database revolution happening in healthcare


2-3 April 2014 - ValityX CEO Roger Foster speaks at HealthTech NextGen conference in Mountain View, CA on "Deploying Big Data on Digital Health"


23-27 February 2014 - ValityX CEO Roger Foster attends HIMSS14 Annual Conference & Exhibition in Orlando, Florida


3 February 2014  - Eric Schwartz interviews ValityX CEO and Founding Partner, Roger Foster, for InTheCapital: ValityX Brings Big Data Analytics to Healthcare


3-4 December 2013 - ValityX Roger Foster attends MIT Innovations in Health Care Conference at the MIT Sloan School of Management

Staff Publications

Commentary: The database revolution happening in healthcare

Government HealthIT

September 3, 2014


Call it a “tech-tonic” shift measuring 7.0 on the disruption scale.


We’re talking about the enterprise Relational DataBase Management System (RDBMS) industry. The battle lines are being drawn between startup technologies wrapped around specialized Not only Structured Query Language (NoSQL) hardware, software, and services against the traditional RDBMS vendors — and healthcare business executives, hospital CIOs and federal leaders around the Washington Beltway would be wise to understand the disruptive implications.


6 Reasons Hospital Consolidation Will Continue

Government Health IT

March 21, 2014


We know something profound is happening in the healthcare provider realm.

Today we have more than 5,700 hospitals across the US; more than 3,000 are part of larger health networks. Nearly 900,000 physicians are employed at various levels in the healthcare systems, including private practice, group practice, and hospital employees.

As the hospitals are consolidating so, too, are the doctors.


Commentary: Digitizing Healthcare is creating a winner-take-all market

Government Health IT

March 14, 2014


For years, conventional wisdom has been that healthcare providers are local businesses with a few large regional hospitals and mid-size physician practices centered in metropolitan areas. But now the increasing use of digital technologies in healthcare is dramatically changing the economics of the healthcare provider landscape, creating a small group of large digital winners.


Commentary: Health care’s ‘productivity paradox’ may be short lived

Washington Post

June 2, 2013


Spending on health care information technology has risen rapidly over the past decade, but there has been little corresponding gain in health care productivity. Instead, the industry’s labor force has been on a growth spurt — creating health care’s version of a productivity paradox.


Big Data Will Shape the Healthcare Industry's New Landscape

Healthcare Executive Insight

July 10, 2012


The healthcare industry is in the midst of dramatic changes. The rising costs of healthcare delivery are unsustainable for consumers and the entire industry is entering a period of classical disruption driven by technological innovation.


How to Harness Big Data for Improving Public Health (Part 1)

Government Health IT

April 3, 2012


Part 1 of six part series on how big data can be used by Government agencies to lower cost and improve quality of healthcare.


Big data and public health, part 2: Reducing unwarranted services (Part 2)

Government Health IT

May 7, 2012


Part 2 focuses on identifying unwarranted serves with predictive analytics


Top 9 fraud and abuse areas big data tools can target (Part 3)

Government Health IT

May 14, 2012


Summary of big data opportunities to target fraud and abuse in Healthcare.


Reducing healthcare inefficiencies with big data (Part 4)

Government Health IT

May 22, 2012


Part 4 focuses on using big data to get at healthcare administrative inefficiencies: addresses administrative transactions; medical coding; and RFID use for logistics.


How the big data tools ACA, HITECH enable will improve care (Part 5)

Government Health IT

May 29, 2012


Part 5 addresses how big data can help with diagnostic errors, prescription errors, and performance variance across medical sites are all part of the embedded inefficiencies that ultimately increases cost and decreases the overall quality of public health.


Tapping big data for early identification of preventable conditions (Part 6)

Government Health IT

June 4, 2012


Part 6 concludes by looking at how big data at the personal / patient level can be used to manage preventable conditions.


Health Care "Big Data" is a Big Opportunity to Address Data Overload


April 11, 2012


Overview of the health care big data challenge


Why The Smart Use of Big Data Is Critical for FDA's Mission

AOL Government

April 24, 2012


Discussion on the challenges FDA faces with managing their pre/post market drug and device data.


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