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SeaPort-e Quality Assurance

ValityX’s processes are designed to continually improve the quality of our customer support. Our method for ensuring the overall quality of our tasks is to establish rigorous planning, documentation and lines of accountability right from the beginning of the task.  We will also use clearly written delineation of the roles and missions of each task team member to establish both accountability as well as empowerment. This method is a powerful team-building tool because it clarifies specific results, guidelines and clear accountability for each team member.


Quality Processes: Quality assurance at ValityX means a pervasive focus on customer requirements, and pursuit of efficiency in our daily and business operations.  To this end, ValityX will carry out the following QA strategies for the SeaPort-e contract:

  • ValityX will provide timely and accurate financial accounting and reporting, using an automated, DCAA-approved system.
  • ValityX will maintain close coordination with its customers through direct interface with Program and Task Managers.
  • The PM will have direct access to top ValityX management to acquire any resources required to provide a quality product to the customer.
  • Our employees will be empowered by management to work with minimal layers of supervision, which allows employees to adjust their priorities to the technical requirements of the task.
  • ValityX will recognize and reward personnel for outstanding achievement, resulting in high motivation and outstanding customer service.
  • ValityX will offer its personnel advanced education and training in process improvement, problem-solving, decision-making, and team-building.
  • ValityX will continuously improve its corporate support processes such as personnel retention and recruitment, enhancing our skill base, cost controls, accountability, reporting procedures, customer relations, and contract compliance.
  • ValityX uses “QA Alerts” which can be communicated between technical staff and the contractor task lead or directly to the ValityX PM.  The alert is a short narrative document that states the problem and, when possible, recommends a corrective action path forward.


ValityX has tailored its Quality Assurance and Contract Management Process for this effort.  ValityX will utilize a project plan to determine, monitor, and manage the key program milestones and metrics throughout the entire execution of each task.


The project plan incorporates elements from the SOW or PWS to further expand and delineate tasks and subtasks into a detailed Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).  This process requires close coordination between the ValityX contractual and technical PMs, the ValityX contractor task lead, and government project leads.  Upon TO award, the ValityX PM will work with the government to further refine program tasks in the project plan.  The project plan will incorporate:

  • Technical understanding
  • Staffing and Schedule
  • Detailed task approach, including WBS
  • Cost and schedule metrics/milestones
  • CLINS/SLIN reporting requirements
  • Kickoff, IPR, CDR and final deliverable meetings
  • Quality Assurance Plan will include Risk mitigation, Metrics and Self-Assessment


ValityX is committed to controlling quality at every functional level, across all project lines.   Our Quality Assurance Plan combines traditional, inspection-oriented processes with progressive, education and training-oriented protocols to form a Total Quality Management (TQM) package that we believe rivals any in the industry.



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