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Our Difference


Value-Centric Approach – We bring a laser-like focus to increasing business value.  Through strategic planning, business analysis, and data analytics, we work with clients to achieve market-focused product portfolios, cost reduction, increased profitability, and more efficient, higher quality business processes.


Tools for Success – All business projects require change.  We bring change management approaches that overcome the challenges and risks associated with business and information technology projects and help ensure success.  Our team understands that data and applications need to run on a technology infrastructure; we bring the practical understanding of how to make projects work in your environment.


Healthcare Expertise – We bring our experience as health care experts, data scientists and business leaders to help health care organizations use data analytics to manage change, improve business results, and become data driven organizations.  We recognize that healthcare is going through a data driven business restructuring that will require innovative new cost models and new uses for data to measure outcomes, quality, risk and performance in healthcare delivery



Roger S. Foster, PhD founder of ValityX - -


Key Success Factors


• Communicating business value as defined by a comprehensive business case, to level-set organization-wide understanding and expectations

• Uniquely bringing together experts in data analytics, healthcare, finance and operations to work with our highly technical data scientists

• Use of effective organizational change management processes to ease project implementations and enable success

• Using business cases to define success, bound risk, and measure results

• Focusing on linking clinical, financial and operational data together to create new sources of value and enable data-driven healthcare

• Balancing of a patient-centric view to using data with a clinician-centric view to maximize business value while serving patients and protecting their privacy

• Using health data to measure, validate and improve value for healthcare services



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