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Health Data Feasibility Analytics


  • The ValityX team specializes in big data and specifically health data analytics.  We have a three-phase engagement approach to our feasibility studies that includes a readiness assessment, initial design, and an implementation plan.


Clinical and Financial Analytics


  • The ValityX team brings expertise in both the clinical and financial sides of health data analytics.  We are thought leaders in the area of value driven healthcare.  Our consultants understand problems of healthcare quality and patient outcomes; we also understand healthcare finances ranging from activity based costing to revenue cycle management.

Machine Learning


  • By applying machine learning and predictive analytics to mission problems we help our clients revolutionize how they look at problems and answer questions.  Our skilled developers use highly powerful algorithms to create machine learning models to process new data and generate and analyze predictions.

Data Management


  • The ValityX team has experience with data management including data quality, data standards and data governance.  We also understand the importance of making sure that your data program and infrastructure are properly matched.

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